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cover-picture.jpg  Mike Lamke’s debut novel, The Unsanctioned, explores the conflict between national security and freedom of speech.

Anyone who follows current events will  connect with the main character, Lane Evans, as he uncovers and exposes a U.S. intelligence program gone awry. .

Evans is the aide to the U.S. ambassador to Thailand. When he is called upon to use his experience with a secret U.S. intelligence database to uncover the identity of an anonymous anti-American blogger in Thailand, he is thrust into a world of secret government programs. Lane’s success pulls him into a journey of shocking discoveries and has him questioning his beliefs and his country. Anonymous bloggers are being killed, and Lane’s tenacity sets him on a quest to uncover the truth, save those closest to him, and end an unsanctioned program. .

The events that follow will test his courage, challenge his faith in longtime confidants, and force him to finally choose between the only two women he’s ever loved. Lane’s decisions in the final hours will determine who lives, who dies, and most importantly, how he will balance his own deep feelings for both security and freedom.


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"A satisfying, impressive first novel." Kirkus Reviews


"Mike Lamke has brilliantly created a world of intrigue and suspense that grabbed me from the very first pages. His characters and situations rang so true, in fact, that I had to remind myself that I was reading a novel and not operational files. No one to my knowledge has written a more accurate or timely fictionalization of the blogosphere as a national security threat. This is real stuff by an author who knows what he’s talking about." James M. Olson, former Chief of CIA Counterintelligence and author of Fair Play: The Moral Dilemmas of Spying.


"Mike Lamke shows his inventiveness by building his plot around the concern that governments everywhere have about the power of the internet and the part it can play in political uprisings." BookReview.com


"Mike Lamke has a unique way of turning a highly technical military subject into an exciting, understandable thriller that explains just how pervasive and effective the government's surveillance technology and control of the internet can become. This is stuff that's way beyond "1984" and it's with us today. His story adds the human elements of ethics and the difficult decisions career electronic security people must make. It begs the question, how far must we and should we go to balance security and freedom?” Heartland Reviews.


brainwendkill-cover.jpg  Harley Stein’s debut novel, Brainwend Kill, reveals how heavily the dead burdens of the past weigh on the living.

Rydal Keene could peel back layers of sound. He could distinguish cars simply by the roar of their engines. On an early spring day, Rydal heard some classmates playing Marco Polo at the ravine just off the school campus. Less than an hour later, Dr. Nell Walker found a 13-year-old Grainger student floating face down in the ravine, a hideous gash in the back of his head. But a blind boy is not the best witness, especially when the evidence points to his best friend.

Dr. Walker returned to Grainger as the school psychologist. Anxiety, stress, loss, suffering — these are familiar to her. Now the horror of the murder sends Nell spiraling into her own past, reliving the nightmare killings by the man she’d loved. Was she blacking out again? Where had she been when the boy was killed?

Detective Jason Sheffield follows a more traditional approach: he questions teachers and students, hunting for opportunity and motivation. The longer Jason delves into the case, the more he suspects that Nell’s past has jolted her over the edge.

The surprise ending reveals how heavily the dead burdens of the past weigh on the living.

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 "A riveting read. This is a great criminal mystery with twists and turns that keep the reader in suspense up to the very end.  The author carefully winds us through the twists and turns of a crime involving Delaware's elite and keeps you guessing as to the real identity of the true killer." - Annette Sandberg, former Chief, Washington State Patrol